Our Aims

The affairs of the Craft are managed by the Master Court who work to the following objectives:-

To provide support to members of the Incorporation, their dependents and the surviving widows, partners, sons and daughters of deceased members who are in need of assistance.

To provide support to craftsmen coopers, ex-coopers and their dependents where need is clearly required.

To encourage the continuation of the trade of cooperage in Scotland, particularly through links with established cooperages.

To provide prizes, educational assistance and support through the Earl of Wessex Awards to those engaged in the trade of cooperage and related industries.

To develop and strengthen links with coopers’ institutions in Scotland and with the Worshipful Company of Coopers in London.

To maintain the traditions of the trade of cooperage through the retention of artefacts and historic written or similar material

To support the wider objectives of the Trades House of Glasgow.

To make gifts to charities, particularly those related to projects in Glasgow.

To develop youth and educational strategies for young people in Glasgow, particularly through schools, youth organisations and uniformed groups.